Terms Of Use
1. Registration and Subscription (All members of this online matchmaking service must be atleast 18 years old or older, to become a member.) Although you may register as of member of this matchmaking Service for free, if you wish to communicate with other members and use certain other parts of this online matckmaking Service, you must become a subscriber and pay the fees that are set out in the price list on the Subscribe page.Which is $20.00 U.S. dollars upon signup and a subscription fee of $20.00 U.S. dollars a month intil your subscription is cancelled or deleted.One month of service is defined as 30 days starting from the date of purchase. This price list is part of this contract. We can change the subscription fees for the Service at any time but we will give you reasonable notice of this before we do so. If you are unhappy with any subscription fee changes you may terminate your membership by logging in and canceling your profile. “Brian scott entertainment/www.502dating.com” wants all it’s members to know that we are a internet matchmaking service. And that ther is no adult content welcome on this site. and we reserve the right to remove your profile if we spot any such material. We reserve this right to delete this such material without refunding your first months purchase fee. And without giving you any further explanation.Thanks and enjoy this matchmaking site.